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Welcome to JSLovers, the award-winning JavaScript meetup group with chapters in Delhi,Bangalore, and Pune! We are a passionate community of JavaScript enthusiasts who come together to share knowledge, explore the latest trends, and collaborate on exciting projects.

Our meetups cover a wide range of topics, from JavaScript fundamentals to advanced frameworks, front-end and back-end development, and everything in between. We believe in the power of networking and learning from fellow enthusiasts, making our meetups a great place to connect with like-minded individuals. JSLovers is proud to have received recognition from Meetup for our outstanding contributions to the tech community.

We're also grateful to our sponsors, including Google, Microsoft, and many more, who help make our events even more exciting and informative. Join us for our upcoming events, workshops, and discussions to expand your JavaScript skills and be part of a supportive community that shares your love for coding. Let's code, learn, and grow together with JSLovers!"

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We are looking for venues, goodies, F&B, and speakers sponsors.
If you would like to support us please drop a message to neha@jslovers.com

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