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Nodejs developer

Posted on 2nd Dec | Location - Gurgaon | Full-Time

Job Profile

Blocknomic requires a team of talented developers that will work closely with the founders to develop the next generation of blockchain products in India. To fulfill that role, we are looking for a young and enthusiastic full stack javascript developer with a minimum of 3 years experience programming in node.js, having an in depth knowledge of the jquery library along with a good understanding of MVC architecture, preferably using the Total.js mvc framework. Any knowledge or understanding on blockchain and blockchain development using Node.js open source libraries is a big plus point. Candidate must be able to handle his work on project development independently and with minimum supervision. Additional incentives will be based on completing particular project milestones. Additionally, candidates are expected to be willing to learn and identify new libraries and softwares for internal use.

  • 3 years experience in Node.js
  • JQuery, Bootstrap, Html5, CSS
  • Understanding of MVC architecture, preferably Total.js framework
  • Experience with known blockchains using open-source Node.js libraries
  • Linux, Ubuntu servers 16.04
  • Good understanding of GitHUB and git version control
  • Mysql, rethinkdb
  • Websockets and TCP sockets

Company Profile

It's an exciting time in the blockchain space, and we believe creating an environment of constant communication between financial experts and talented coders will create the natural synergies required to become market leaders. The details of our first product, the CurryCoins trading platform, are given below, while future products will include the creation of a decentralized platform integrated with CurryCoins, custom blockchain solutions, and asset digitization services for clients.

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